Tuesday, February 13, 2007


正在翻City既Programme Information,下列數字或許對想入行的朋友有點幫助:

No. of Intake for (2007 Entry):

JD (Full time): 90
JD (Part time): 100
LLB (Combined mode): 50
LLB (Full time): 48

Total: 288

PCLL (Full time): 103
PCLL (Part time): 60

Total: 163

163/288 X 100% = 56.60%!!!


1. 所有Programme均收足人、每年平均畢業人數一致、所有人都能畢業; (事實有一點偏差)
2. 所有畢業生均申請PCLL; (事實不然,JD較少而LLB較多)
3. 撇除transferred student eg. BBA in Accountancy and Law (Intake 25), BEng in Information Engineering Law Minor (Intake 20) etc.; (港大、中大情況相同,City應該已是最少)
4. 撇除海龜、UOL、CPE申請人; (數目多得嚇人,尤其海龜更又多又強,希望2008年起Conversion Programme能發揮作用!)
5. Mode of Studies因素不予考慮。 (有點影響,但不太大)



  1. to admit to PCLL is very very very very difficult.

  2. Information from HKU:

    31. Will the Faculty reserve PCLL places for our JD graduates?

    No. PCLL admissions are run separately and our JD graduates will be treated the same as other applicants to the PCLL programme. However, given the quality we expect of our JD students, we expect most of our graduates to have no trouble securing a place in a PCLL programme.

  3. But HKU also says:

    As the different transcript deadline dates show that you are aware that you may get transcripts at different dates depending on the category of applicants, does it mean that for a university of London external law student like myself (with the full academic results not known until late August) that I will definitely not get a full time government-funded PCLL place even if I secure a first class or upper second class (2:1) honour?

    No, because we are aware of the different dates we may be receiving full academic results from the different categories of applicants, we *****will ensure that a certain number of PCLL places will be allocated to different categories of applicants***** as a matter of fairness to all applicants to the PCLL programme. However, we will not guarantee that all applicants attaining upper second class (2:1) honours in their University of London external law degree, like all other applicants attaining upper second class (2:1) honours, will be offered full-time, government funded places in our PCLL.

  4. I think after some time or maybe already people will think that you go to CUHK JD only if HKU JD reject you. CUHK JD accept too many people lah... HKU JD is good because very small.

  5. People said this on other post... what do you think?

    計我話~ 讀 JD 果 d 都係唔多理智既行為…一大筆出黎又要讀長時間~ 有乜為?

    正統d 讀 London U LLB 出黎,讀得好有邊間行唔收?咪傻啦!convention course?你夠叻既一邊讀一邊考又有咩問題?仲有就係你夠醒夠串既咩 HKU SPACE、PolyU、LU 既 course 都好報就咁自修去考一樣得。

    想懶既就去讀 HKU SPACE同MMU既 Graduate Diploma in Hong Kong and English Law 啦,兩年part-time ,再+1年part time top up~ 拎埋MMU 既 LLB ,仲要符合晒報PCLL 既 requirements,只要成續夠就ok。

    因為人地話如果想做Lawyer, JD係好過LLB喎....

    哈哈~ 依家 d city firm 請既"青衣" 有幾多係讀JD既?
    咪咁易畀人誤導啦,JD 就擺明係原本 CityU 抄美國扮勁既搶錢 course,好喇~ 到 CityU d 人過左去CU就照copy一個出黎呃錢。

    而且做律師既重點係入唔入 PCLL ,唔係你PC之前係讀咩囉…

    agree... the main point is to get into PCLL..
    if PCLL approve you.. which course have you studied before is relatively unimportant.
    otherwise, if you are planning to fail at becoming a lawyer, then the reputation of your university become important for finding job..
    so the main point is your academic result, not which course did you study.

  6. It is an interesting issue.....any updates?